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Your donation will help us make sure that she doesn't wait in vain :)


For BACS payments:

Bank name: HSBC Plc

Account name: Hot Line Meals Service (London)

Account Number: 61128507
Sort Code: 40-06-25

Postal Donations:

Hot Line Meals Service (London)

12e Manor Road

London N16 5SA

"Hot Line Meals has saved my life! I was battling Leukaemia and a severe attack of the shingles. My immune system had shut down and I had lost my appetite for food. I lost 40 pounds and was slowly starving to death, until my doctor notified Hot Line Meals Service and hot, nutritious meals began to arrive daily. Now my future is hopeful. I am gaining weight and no longer feel that I am alone. It is really appreciated when the volunteers stay and keep me company, it is the only thing that keeps me connected to the outside world. My heartfelt thanks for a job well done.”


Mrs S.

"Just a quick note of thanks for the wonderful meal you sent my family yesterday. I’m recuperating from surgery and feel at ease knowing my family’s nutritious needs are being met."



"Thank you ever so much for the yummy, yummy supper you sent us. The chicken and potatoes were really delicious. I even finished my whole plate like a big boy because that’s how good it was."



"I was sitting at home feeling so isolated and lonely. My wife passed away recently and I was still struggling to get over the loss. One day suddenly, I hear a knock at the door. Tentatively, I went to answer. What a surprise! Standing there was a friendly Hot Line volunteer delivering a warm meal. The volunteer helped me unpack the meal and asked me about my day. It felt so good to speak to someone. Thanks for helping me see positive again."


Mr J.

Feed Futures.
Inspire growth.
Achieve Potential. 


Our meals are often the only healthy and nutritious food our users have. Without them, they would be forced to survive on pot noodles, dry bread or other cheap, unhealthy alternatives. They need us; but we need you. Your donation will provide the fuel to keep our vital and wonderful service up and running. Don't just take our word for it though, read on to see what beneficairies say about us.