We assist people struggling with a range of challenges. People on low income, families who have fallen into a financial crisis due to the pandemic as well as people who cannot cook a meal for themselves and their families as a result of limitations caused by temporary or long term illness. We deliver meals for people with special needs or impaired mobility, dysfunctional individuals or those with parents suffering mental health issues, or people who cannot get out due to recovery from a debilitating illness, hospitalisation, surgery or after child-birth. The daily nutritious meals we deliver free of charge, to these homes create a nurturing environment and relieve the tension between siblings, friends and family. Thisenables all family members to stay connected through this turbulent period, until they recover and regain their independence.

The DEFRA food program that we ran via our fantastic team of volunteers, provided
healthy food packages and nutritious meals to over 18525 beneficiaries during the first 8 weeks of the lockdown. 

Food Program

We worked with NHS hospitals to accommodate for people who were discharged
from hospital after getting covid, but couldn’t go home to their family, to come to the
Corona Respite Home, set up by local community activists for respite and support.
We responded to the pandemic by levelling up our services and provided emotional
support, financial support, moral support and food to individuals and their families.

Elderly care

Emotional support

Financial support

How we do it.

What we do.

We were able to encourage people to remain at home and reduce the spread of the
virus by sending volunteers to undertake errands for those in isolation and by
delivering parcels to recipients’ doorsteps rather than arranging central pick-up

Warm meals