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At Hot Line Meals, the outcomes for our users is what constantly remains at the forefront of our mission. We aspire to provide highly nutritious meals, whilst not comprimising on quality, taste and of course food safety standards. We periodically offer training to all our volunteers, which ensures that their knowledge in food handling and safeguarding is up to date with current legislation. 

As well as training our staff to conform with Health and Safety regulations, we offer accredited training to enhance the mediocre employment prospects of disadvantaged young people. We provide a variety of courses related to the Hospitality and Catering sector which includes Ofqual accredited Level 2 Food Handling; Emergency First Aid at Work; and Food Allergens. In conjunction with the accredited training we offer practical cookery classes and volunteer placement in our kitchen.  The accreditation is a symbol of achievement that enhances the young people's self-esteem and self-image and most importantly, improves their CVs, skills and employment opportunities.

Hot Line Meals provides over 150 kosher meals daily to people who cannot cook a meal for themselves and their families as a result of limitations caused by temporary or long term illness. This includes elderly people; people on low income;  people with special needs or impaired mobility; dysfunctional individuals or parents suffering mental health issues; and people who cannot get out due to recovery from a debilitating illness, hospitalisation, surgery or after child-birth. We work in partnership with local welfare organisations such as Bikur Cholim D’Satmar, North London Bikur Cholim, Ezer Leyoldos  who refer to us those in need of our services.  We also get self referrals and referrals from concerned neighbours and friends. The Hot Line Meals Service is regulated by Hackney Food Rating Association, and has achieved a rating of Level 5.

When preparing nutritious meals we take into account the specific needs and wishes of our users, including soft and easily digestible food, specific dietary needs such as diabetes, food allergies and cultural requirements. The meals are cooked daily by 12 volunteer chefs in our purpose built commercial kitchen and packed by 104 volunteers of all ages each week. The meals are delicious, attractive and culturally appropriate, with a different menu each day. The food is delivered daily to the families' homes free of charge, by 59 volunteers, providing recipients with vital physical and emotional support. All work is overseen by  the project manager who has a level 4 award in Managing Food Safety in Catering to ensure that our service is delivered to a high standard.

The visits made by our friendly volunteers disperse the clouds of social isolation that hover over many of our elderly users. The human contact it provides is an important social and welfare benefit, making sure all is well and that users are able to unpack and access the meals. This safeguards their health, well-being and independence and enables the elderly people to remain at home for as long as possible. These social visits are like light-bulbs, brightening their otherwise monotonous daily schedules.

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  1. Reduced isolation of elderly people
  2. Improved overall well-being
  3. Improved family relationships
  4. Reduced A&E visits
  5. Enhanced quality of life
  6. Reduced food waste (via our weekly supermarket collections)

Distribution of food boxes for homeless people, and people who lost jobs due to covid. Volunteers sorting out and working in partnership with Fareshare, Morrisons, and the JCC.

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